Monday, October 4, 2010

Baker Round Up

There have only been 4 Baker Spotlights but there are more bakers interested in participating in the event. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a list of the interested bakers:

2 Girls and a Cupcake
A Cake in a Cup
by.Ivonne Cake.Love.Couture
Clarabelle's Cupcakes
Contenti Cupcakes
Cupcake Sisters
Klassy Kakes
Sweetness Bakeshop

Hopefully I can do spotlights on everyone and hopefully more bakers agree to participate. Phase 1 of my planning was to get in touch with professional bakers. The next phase is to reach out to all the amazing home bakers out there.

I know I will be saying this a million times before and after the event but thank you to all the bakers out there that have taken the time to talk to me about Cupcake Camp Miami. Thank you to those who have contacted me wanting to participate. And thank you to everyone who has ever passed on words of encouragement.

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