Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baker Spotlight: Simon Gourmet Foods

Baker Spotlight
*Baker: Sarah of Simon Gourmet Foods
*Contact information: email@simongourmetfoods.com, www.simongourmetfoods.com, (305) 735-1486
*Flavors & Fillings: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, lemon, key lime, guava, raspberry, cinnamon, red velvet, coconut, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and more
*Pricing: $1.00 for mini and $2.00 for traditional

Meaning behind bakery name. The reason we are called Simon Gourmet Foods is because we make all sorts of treats besides cupcakes. In all of our products we use all natural high quality ingredients and classical mixing methods.(The Simon part is my last name, and I'm proud to represent my family through my culinary creations)
 How did you get started in cupcakes? I got started in cupcakes during college, making treats with my friends, which inspired me to go to Culinary School to study Baking and Pastry. 
What is your signature cupcake? My signature cupcake is double chocolate fudge. I come from a family of chocolate lovers, no... chocolate fanatics, and this is one of my first and most frequent flavors. 
What is your personal favorite cupcake? My favorite cupcake is a mini double chocolate fudge. You just pop it in your mouth and savor the decadence of all the chocolatey goodness.   
What inspires you when it comes to your cupcake creations? What inspires me is my experiences as a pastry chef, different flavors, textures, and my customers, friends, and family.
One reason why cupcakes are awesome. Cupcakes are so awesome because they make people happy. If they are mini, they are one quick bite of sweet pleasure, and if they are larger, you can make that pleasure linger a little bit longer.
What do you think is the future of cupcakes? The future of cupcakes is more creativity through flavors, textures, and decorations. 
What do you think is ‪funkiest cupcake creation‬? You'll have to wait and see what we bring to cupcake camp!

Share one cupcake making tip. Have fun!

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  1. I ordered a cupcakes for my family from Simon Gourmet Foods for Thanksgiving. It was fantastic. I was very impressed with the taste as well as the visual presentation. I already have an order in for my upcoming Christmas Eve celebration.